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Best money spent on training

Best money spent on training. My trainer is fantastic. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Off Leash K9 Training.
Daniel M.  // Verified Google Review

beyond an amazing job

My trainer did beyond an amazing job with my pup. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Ryan H.  // Verified Google Review

Off Leash K9 is awesome

Off Leash K9 is awesome. Our trainer has been trading our dog Frannie and in two sessions she is a completely new dog. We look forward to our next sessions and Frannie looks forward to working and learning new techniques. Thank you Off Leash K9 Training!

Darren C.   // Verified Google Review

truly a game changer

This was truly a game changer for our very spoiled 3 year old. He had been training us and our trainer gave us the control back so now he listens and we can keep him safe and have he can have more fun. Could not recommend this experience more!

Abby M.  // Verified Google Review

I look forward to continuing training

After a month into lessons my German Shepard with Fear aggression and high reactivity has made dramatic improvements. Under our trainer’s guidance Fenrir (my dog) and I have built trust in each other in high stress situations and continue to progress with obedience.

I look forward to continuing training and seeing what we’re able to accomplish with K9 Off leash Louisville and the awesomeness of their trainers, methods, and tools. Through life there is know best way or shortcut, just consistency, awareness, and an open mind.

OLK9 trainers have the professional keen eye that can get to the heart of any issue and instruct you on how to remedy the situation / behavior. So excited for whats to come!


Ry D.  // Verified Google Review

Worth every penny, highly recommend!

We did the 8 week course, with Therapy specialty in mind. Our dog is an 9 month old (at the time of completing the training) Goldendoodle named Brinkley. The training has been awesome!! Completely amazing!! I saw the videos online with people walking dogs without a leash, but it seemed too good to be true. Well, it’s true, and it’s so hard to believe that I can actually walk my dog without a leash for a two mile walk, in a store with people all around or anywhere.

We have total confidence that we have control of our puppy in any situation. This process has also helped my family and our dog to bond more and has also pushed us to be more outgoing personable people in general. Our trainer has pushed us so hard to be the best owners and have the most well behaved dog. Her standards are extremely high and that has prevented us from accepting the easy way out which would have created a less obedient dog. She has taught us that our dog can do so much more than we thought was possible.

The other cool thing is that Brinkley loves wearing her ecollar, she is excited to put it on everyday. This is because it gives her a ton of freedom and it is always accompanied by positive interactions with her family. It’s mutually beneficial, we are happier and she is happier.

Another cool benefit is that it gives her more protection/safety. If she’s in a situation that is dangerous, we have a very easy way to call our dog back, especially in long distance situations.

I think this training would be beneficial for everyone and any dog. You will gain so much knowledge about your dog and other peoples dogs, how to handle so many everyday situations and at the end you will have an amazingly well behaved dog.

Worth every penny, highly recommend.!!


Michael K.   // Verified Google Review

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