Is This The Best Dog Bed Ever?

There seems to be no shortage of beds and mats for our canine companions. Seemingly every retailer has their version of a “high quality” pet bedding option. But how many of them are the real thing and which ones aren’t worth the coin. As trainers, we are fans of elevated cots or beds for a variety of reasons (discussed below). A popular model is the Coolaroo brand elevated bed and we will discuss a few points about it below to help you decide if one of these is an option for your household companion.

The Build: Made of a rounded steel frame with HDPE synthetic fiber fabric stretched between, it is both light and sturdy. Since the material is not cotton, cleaning is easy should your dog decide to lie down on it after rolling in the mud outside. You can simply hose it off if necessary. Scrubbing or the use of soap is no problem, and the fiber does not hold onto smells much…which can be a big relief in the event of accidents. If a disaster of epic proportions is the situation, a replacement cover can be ordered for under $20.

Putting it together: You will have to take 10-2 minutes to pull everything out of the box and have it ready to go. The kit comes with the frame, screws, synthetic fabric, and an allen wrench type tool to help tighten everything down. The process can seem a bit ungainly as the frame does flex during assembly. Once on the ground though it feels solid and capable of holding weight.

Final thoughts: Why do trainers like elevated beds? Cooling air flow underneath in the summer is a big deal to the fur coat crowd. A bed not sitting on hard ground also has a bit of give and that can feel better on the joints for older dogs. Cool summer air, extra cushioning, and a relatively modest price point makes this product a thumbs up for us. In fact, a number our training locations use these beds or similar models for training purposes. This product is available at online or big box retailers in a variety of colors and sizes.

OLK9 is not compensated by or have any connection with any manufacturer, distributor, or marketer of this product.